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  • Yeah Don’t say it…

    Yeah Don’t say it…


    Yes, I’ve changed the website again. I’ve decided just to have one website and work on it so I’ve moved posts from one website to this one as it was getting too overwhelming which I know is kind of an excuse but when I don’t feel like doing things then I KNOW something has to…

  • September September

    September September


    I wouldn’t say I like it when I don’t write anything here for a while but honestly, I haven’t felt motivated to sit at my computer and write anything and yes I could use my phone but I prefer to use my computer. Not to say I have things to share. Went back up into…

  • Dahlia Delights

    Dahlia Delights


    So I’ve become obsessed with the flower Dahlia, and I’m not sure why, but they are beautiful. I can’t say I’m anything but a noob at these things though and I really only been planting them and buying them over the past two years and I think over the autumn and winter I’m going to…

  • Moody Cow

    Moody Cow


    I’ve been in an arse of a mood today and I know it’s because I’ve not been taking my Magnesium glycinate which is supposed to help with depression and anxiety and stuff. Yes, there’s no scientific research on it but it has helped me have a more relaxing sleep and yeah my stupid ass hasn’t…

  • Summer Cleaning

    Summer Cleaning


    I’m currently trying to sort out all the unboxed funk pops I have and see which ones can go on eBay to try and sell. I’ve really gone off collecting funk pops not that it’s a bad thing I don’t get a thrill about it anymore and I quite enjoy buying the more limited edition…

  • Time really does fly when you are having fun

    Time really does fly when you are having fun


    I have photos which I will go through and see if they are worth posting. They aren’t great but they are memories and I’m really glad I did what I did. I hadn’t done anything like this since I saw U2 in Dublin and Vienna and I was going to see HV in Berlin before…

  • So Long Twitter

    So Long Twitter


    So I finally deactivated my Twitter account not that it’s a big deal or anything but honestly, It had to be done it was becoming too toxic in my life and frankly I’m feeling better without it. I used to have the Twitter FOMO but can we all be honest that what happens on social…

  • Febuary is DONE!

    Febuary is DONE!


  • To Tweet or not to Tweet…….

    To Tweet or not to Tweet…….


    …..that is the question. I’m really getting fed up with Twitter at the moment not necessarily what’s been tweeted but more with what Elon is doing with it. I hate the fact that I’m supposed to pay to be on top of the algorithm not that my tweets were ever that popular but it just…

  • New Year and Looking Forward

    New Year and Looking Forward


    Yes I know it’s the 6th of January but I hope you have had a good start to the New Year. I’ve actually started spring cleaning or let us be honest moving things around so it feels like things are less cluttered. I was getting annoyed about how my artwork was just lying around my…