So it’s an about me page! I hate these. I feel like I’m at an age where I don’t really feel the need to impress people any more but hey here’s a few facts about me if you are really that nosey!

I was boring on May 4th 1981 YES I’m that old YES I know I don’t look it! To be fair though if I didn’t dye my hair you’d see the greys coming through. I’m not ready to admit to myself that I’m actually getting older.

I have to deal with depression and social anxiety. I’ve had it since I was 15 I’m about 95% better than I was though and feel that social anxiety will always be the bane of my life no matter how much I think I’m getting through it!

If I had to chose what music I liked I’d have to say 70’s glam rock through to 90’s britpop not into modern day music at all if I’m honest. It just depends on what kind of mood I’m in. I love spotify for the fact I can find all sorts on it!

I’m a huge nerd! My first love are x-men who I got into watching the animated series when I was ill and Wolverine is like my favourite superhero of all time! My favourite avenger is Iron Man and I love Deadpool, Spider-Man, Rocket and Groot. I also collect things. Mostly Funko pops but I do have some special items that hold a sentimental value.

So there’s a few things about me! If you want to know anything then feel free to comment on the guestbook and I’ll add it to the page or reply on there!