Written 01/01/2022


First, happy new year. I hope you have all had a nice festive season and that you are all looking forward to the new year. I normally hate this time of year but I’m quite looking forward to 2022.

I haven’t really put any resolutions down. I know I don’t stick to them like I don’t stick to writing a blog. I suppose I have ideas of what I want to achieve this year but I’m not going to set it all in stone.

Although saying that…

I’m putting this website on a little hiatus as I want to change it into a photoblog/ website kind of thing. I love taking photos but never share them with people which is sad especially after spending just under two weeks in Scotland. I also want to sell prints that I’m going to go through Picfair though to start and see how that goes even If I want to do it myself.

So been downloading files onto my computer so I can sort them out and edit them. I honestly need to learn NOT to take more than two pictures of the same thing though. It’s ok having digital photography, but it was so much easier when you had 36 pictures on a film roll and you just took the photo and hoped for the best!

But enough of me going on. I just wanted to say I’ll be sorting this website out so sorry for the mess!

Here’s to the new year let’s hope it’s better than the last!