Photos – Trixi Mattel – Manchester Opera House – May 4th 2022

May 9, 2022 | Drag Queens, Gigs | 0 comments

So my sister got these tickets just before the COVID came and got rescheduled no my birthday after 2 years of waiting and I have to admit I really enjoyed it.

I can’t say I’m a huge drag queen fan well not like my sister anyway she loves Trixi and to be fair she is probably one of my favourites not that I know of many drag queens. It was only an hour-long show which I enjoyed but wanted more. I hope Trixi comes back to the UK with Katiya who I saw at another drag show just before covid hit!

Anyway I took some photos that are not that great as someone’s fat head was in the way and yes I did watermark them not that I feel they’ll be stolen just because I can and I will and they were done on my phone

Going to see Bianca Del Rio this coming Wednesday so maybe get some more photos! I’m sure there will be more gigs coming up soon as well.

Anyway enjoy these random photos of Trixi….. I’ll be back soon honest!


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