Starting a new chapter of my life

Oct 1, 2021 | Journal | 0 comments

So I’m now back home from my holiday in Scotland

I hadn’t been to Scotland probably since the  90s and forgot how beautiful the country is especially driving up through the Cairngorms wow I wish I could have taken photos of it all.

I think the highlight of the holiday was seeing wild seals at Portgordon  I put a video on my Instagram that I took of them because my photos were crap. But honestly, there’s something so wonderful about seeing wild animals like that where they should be. Also saw wild dolphins in the bay that our cottage overlooked ah it was wonderful.

Yes I do have photos….

But I’m gonna put them on the website I’ll be building as well as on a new Instagram. I hate the Instagram algorithm but I need to use it to get my artwork out there but I’m gonna have to look into how to make Instagram work for me. I also want to do videos for it which will take me out of my comfort zone but I have these ideas maybe they will come to fruition I dunno.

I’m also thinking of getting rid of the Twitter app from my phone it’s a distraction and I know I’ve been feeling a lot more social anxiety because of it and that’s on me. I won’t get rid of Twitter altogether as I’ve had an account that I hadn’t been using so I set that up to be my new website but I know my habits have to change if I’m going to do this!

Do you get the feeling I’m being serious this time? I’m feeling quite optimistic about things.

Please remind me I said all of this in like a months time thanks

So anyway…

I already miss Scottland but my folks have already booked again for May next year and I really enjoyed Edinburgh so gonna save up and go on my own by train and yes I travel on my own I actually enjoy it and I walked around Edinburgh on my own and really enjoyed it. I want to go back and do the museums, Hollyrood Palace, the Castle and the ghost tour because why the heck not.

So here is to a new chapter. I’m looking forward to it I think…..hmmmm!

But till the next time!


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