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Sep 15, 2021 | Journal | 0 comments

I’ve started to play Cyberpunk 2077 again and I’m really enjoying it. It’s unfortunate how the graphics were when it first came out and granted I am a PC gamer (YEAH I know) but I just love how I can go around the map looking for gangs to beat up etc I know if you are not a gamer you probably don’t know what I’m talking about but there you go. I really should get a PlayStation though that wolverine game looks pretty hot and yes Wolverine is my favourite X-men.

I’m sure if you are not a game you have no clue what I’m talking about. I’m Just an old gamer who is just really enjoying gaming again. I honestly should look into buying a PlayStation though all though I’m not sure. I saw the wolverine game that’s coming out and yes he is my fave X-men character but is it worth forking out for a PlayStation suppose we will wait and see. I’m not in any way anti console gaming my bank account is just anti console gaming.

How are you all out there hope you are doing well. I’ve been doing a lot of arty stuff that I’m hoping to sell online. It’s awesome to finally get my creative mojo back. Will be probably in October though as I’m going to Scottland for a week which should be fun. I have been to Scotland in YEARS and it’ll be nice just to be away from the home. I’ve missed going away let’s hope next year places will be more accessible so I can go to my favourite country Denmark again.

That’s my monthly hello done. Follow me on Instagram I’m sure I’ll get some photos on there from getaway to Scotland. Not saying I don’t have anxiety about it but I’m sure once we get going I’ll be ok. It’s always the same with me. I overthink things constantly but it’ll be just wonderful to get away from here for a while and then go spend a few nights in Edinburgh.

BTW like the new site design? There are things I still want to add to it but it’s good for what I want it to be for which is kind of a journal type thing which just like life I never use.

But till the next time!


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