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Written 06/05/2021

So got back home yesterday from a two-night stay in Shrewsbury which is becoming one of my favourite places to visit. Only went as my folks were looking at places some of my relatives came from back in the day. My mum is obsessed with the family tree and to be fair it was quite interesting to see where people from my dad’s side of the family came from.

Went also visited Ludlow as well which had a castle. I used to love these things as a kid and yes I took photos which I will probably upload somewhere ( watch this space). The county of Shropshire is genuinely a beautiful county and I can see why some of it is classed as an area of outstanding beauty. Wish I had taken more photos but it was nice to see the countryside again. Yes, I know this seems odd but it’s been ages since I last went away due to the pandemic and it really does make you realise how wonderful parts of your own country are and yes it’s given me more confidence to go places now. May try to take a trip to Manchester sometime before September as I’m going to Scotland for a weeks holiday.

I wish I could go further. I have wanderlust so bad though. But who knows what next year will bring. (Yeah I wouldn’t hold my breath too much)

One thing I realised while away was that I wasn’t that bothered about Twitter and still not if I’m honest. I kind of have a love-hate relationship with it and to be honest, I think I only have it on my phone to keep in touch with what’s going on with the #JusticeForJohnnyDepp community and see if anything new has come up. I just think I had an unhealthy relationship with it. Twitter used to be fun but now it’s full of fandoms and a-holes and yes even the fandoms that I’m in (if that’s applicable for a 40-year-old) I don’t really participate in because it’s SO toxic. People demand so much from things these days. Is it just a generational thing because it feels like that. I just want to enjoy things for what they are really.

I do wonder If this is because I charged my Malachite crystal before I went away and wore it all the time (Not in bed mind you) and yeah I do feel a positive change maybe but I don’t know if that’s solely down to wearing a crystal. A lot of things have been going on but maybe it’s just helping it along right? I love crystals but I’ve never really used them for their own healing properties. I just have to remind myself to stick in brown rice once in a while so it can be cleansed of all the negative energy it has absorbed and yes brown rice is a great way of doing that.

and yes I know I said I had things to write about but honestly the good mood I’m in I’m gonna sort out my other website and see how I can use it to sell artwork on etc and sort out my photos in lightroom. I tend to put everything on there once I’ve taken them on my phone and yes that is the beauty about adobe lightroom you can put things on from your phone and then have them on your computer via the cloud. Yes I know thrilling but it’s the simple things like that which make it easier to sort my photos out then I’m a happy bunny

But till the next time!


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