The May I had!

Jun 3, 2021 | Journal | 0 comments

So would it surprise you that I had written a post last month but decided not to post it? Yay for anxiety but you know May was kind of a good month.

Getting older

So I’m officially in my 40s now. My birthday is star wars day and yeah I hate that but I can’t complain it was a good day for one it actually stopped raining and I went out for a birthday lunch with my folks. I honestly don’t know how I feel about being 40 it’s weird. Growing up I always thought getting older would feel different but it doesn’t I mean yeah my body is getting older but my mind still feels the same.

Since I was 15 I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety and apart from the odd social anxiety moment I feel at peace with myself for once and I want to move more forward with my life, I think that this pandemic we have been going through has made me realise that I need new people in my life. I get a bit tired of people taking me for granted and yeah I’m grateful and lucky that I’ve had my parents to support me in all of this but I need more than this and I’m tired of always texting my friends first. It would be nice if more people just said hey how you doing instead of me doing it to them first.

It’s odd saying this but I know I’m a people person and I always put other first but I think now it’s time for me to stop worrying about others and think about how I can better my life even more

Yeah remind me I said that in 6 months won’t you lol

Getting fitter

One good thing that happened in May is that I’m back at the gym! I actually love going to the gym. There’s a woman’s side to the gym I go to which is wonderful apart from the gossips! I take my phone and headphones to be kind of ignorant to it all. I’m here to get fitter and hopefully lose weight not to listen to people talk about others and shit.

I’m also thinking of going back to my exercise classes maybe. I used to do a thing called Clubbersise which was doing exercise to 90’s club music with glow sticks in your hands. It was hard work and fun and that’s what I need if I’m going to do anything like that.

Plus it helps with my mental health. I know I could do more exercises though and now I’m fully vaccinated we will see what I can get up to.

Getting to the end (LOL)

So yes my may has been kinda good to me and I feel June is going to be just as great. I’ve decided that I want to start to catalogue some of my collectables on here. Yes, most are funko pops most are Deadpool at the moment but I do have a few other bits I want to share as well. I’m really going through my pops at the moment and seeing which ones I want to keep and want to sell on. t. I would say my biggest collection of pops is between Deadpool and the X-men as they are my favourite Marvel characters.

Yes that is the plan keep an eye out for it .

But till the next time!


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