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I’ve finally got this looking like the weblog I had in my mind. I know there are things I have to add and work on but I’m liking it. I know I’ve been messing around with it for ages without updating but being in a three-month lockdown really got my mental health in a spin which then sets off my perfectionism which if you didn’t know is a form of OCD (Look it up) which is annoying but hey I’m getting back on that horse now and starting to feel better.

I’ve been using the Divi theme to make this website which I love but really need to look into what I can do with it. I like that it’s versatile but I don’t think I’ve truly looked into using it properly. Don’t worry though I have another website to play with. I kind of like how this website look and I’ll probably be building more in it and yes this is just going to be my journal of sorts where I can write how I feel. I honestly put too much pressure on myself to be the “perfect” blogger even though there’s no such thing as that right? Yes I’m very insecure about things especially when I haven’t been feeling that great

Sorry, this is kind of a short post but I’m BACK hopefully nothing else will happen regarding COVID-19. I’m looking forward to going back to the cinema next month. I’ve missed watching movies on the big screen. Did have some gigs that had been postponed to this year cancelled but hey ho at least we are going in the right direction and hopefully, by Summer we can have some normality back whatever that is lol

My next post will be about becoming 40. Yeah, I can’t believe that as well. I think I’ve been a bit up and down about it. I’m amazed how fast life goes actually especially as an adult. But to be honest, I’m quite looking forward to being 40 it’s odd I’ll write about it maybe then you’ll understand

Take Care of yourselves and don’t forget to wear a mask!

But till the next time!


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