Klub Kids Manchester presents KATYA & THE COMEDY QUEENS

Dec 2, 2020 | Drag Queens, Gigs | 0 comments

So this happened on Sunday, February 9th just before everything blew up COVID 19 so yes this was the last theatre show I went to. I thought I’d still share with you my photos since I’ve had them uploaded since forever. I went with my sister who is a drag queen obsessive but I honestly enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to going to more shows hopefully when things settle down. I was supposed to be seeing Trixi Mattel but who knows when that will happen now as it’s already been postponed twice I hope I get to see her as I actually do enjoy watching Trixi on youtube!

But here are my photos they aren’t great as I used my phone. The queens that were on this show were

– Katya- Manila Luzon- Lady Bunny- Nina West- Sherry Vine- Baga Chipz-

I’d have to say as much as I enjoyed it all I think Lady Bunny was my favourite of the night but then I like dirty-minded humour it has to be said. I hope we get to see these ladies again sooner than later! I will defiantly be buying tickets for it!


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