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Oct 22, 2020 | Journal | 0 comments

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat at my computer and tried to write a blog post but just got bored with it. I haven’t been doing much interesting stuff at all since the COVID 19 pandemic started even though I had plans but hey we are all in the same boat right? I can’t say my mental health is great at the moment. Not that I feel depressed and my anxiety it’s kind of ok I just haven’t slept well. I seem to be waking up at 5 am in the morning which wouldn’t be too bad but even if I go to bed early I seem to be just staring at the ceiling until 2 am and yeah I need my sleep or I’m a total Oscar the grouch. I’m trying to not to stress about these things but it’s hard. I did start taking valerian which is a herbal sleeping tablet so I’m gonna start taking them again to see if they help! There are only 71 days till the New Year not that I’m counting and let’s face it who knows what next year especially living in the UK and brexit I suppose only time will tell.

I tell you what I did buy and that was some Mexican candy and oh my god the few bits I’ve eaten have been yummy. Now I was going to make videos about these but I’m not going to push myself to do things like that at the moment but I will tell you how much I’m enjoying it. I decided to buy some after I found Tajin on Amazon ( I was looking for everything but the bagel seasoning but that was hella expensive and I can probably make my own ) now if you don’t know what Tajin is it’s dried chillies and lime juice with salt and I actually love it. You can put it on anything including fruit which to be honest I’m not sure I like it on fruit but I haven’t tried it with mango yet and after tasting some of these candies I may have to do that.

My Mexican Candy Haul from mexcandy.co.uk

What is weird to me though is that I’m not a huge spicey hot fan and some of these candies are classed as hot but I love them. The Chamoy flavour which apparently comes from pickled fruit is nice as well it’s sour but not an offensive sour just as the heat of the chillies aren’t a blow your head off kind of an ordeal and I’ve never had anything made with tamarind before or at least not like this and I think this may become an addiction of mine. I had the mango Pulparindo which is sweet, spicy and salty and my tastebuds enjoyed it to the point I may need to buy more. I also liked the Vero mango lolly and I had the Elotes lolly which looks like corn cob but is strawberry flavoured it wasn’t bad and both have the same sort of chill and salty coating of a salty chilli rub on them and I just enjoyed the mango more and yes there are more Mexican candies that I want to try this is just

I know I’m getting oddly excited of Mexican candy but that’s as exciting as my life gets that and the fact I got a new printer as my old own broke which I had for years. I got for Canon Pixma printers just because they are good for photo printing and I hope once I get my shit together with my sleeping will be selling some photographic prints. Nothing fancy just some A4 sized prints as I need some money coming in. If you are that interested my new printer is the TS9155. It’s wireless and you can print photos directly off your phone which is good as I often use my photo for taking photos and editing them on Adobe lightroom as it saves me constantly having to move my photos onto my computer although saying that I have god knows how many on my computer.

Well, that’s my post for the next two months (Well that’s not true I’ve already got an idea for a blog post). I don’t know I hope this makes some sense. It’s been a weird year hasn’t it and I know that I feel like I’ve got so much to do and not enough time to do it in but I’m just going to be kind to myself and try and not worry about things and take things one day at a time because that’s all you can do right?

Anyay till the next time, stay safe and don’t forget to wear a mask!


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