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Life, Death and Moving Forward

Oct 29, 2019 | Personal | 0 comments

My grandad died on 30th September and that’s why I haven’t posted much really. It was unexpected to some degree but he was 93 as well and yeah i didn’t really want to write about it at the time. He had a heart attack and luckily my parents were visiting so they got him to hospital but at his age, there was nothing much they could do he died a few days later! It feels odd writing that can’t say I’ve really thought about it much since the funeral. It’s been fun looking back at old photos of him and my great grandad who was a footballer for Huddersfield town back in the 20s. I will have to scan some in as they are very interesting plus It will be good to have some saved electronically in case any get damaged.

I had planned a few things that I wanted to start this past month so I’m going to try and start them in November. One of the things that I wanted to do on this website are online videos, yes I know I have anxiety but I used to do funko pop videos on youtube which didn’t show my face and yes I could use youtube but I really don’t like the way Youtube is going and I want to be able to talk about mental health, funko pops and life in general without feeling like I have no control over it if that makes sense. I know it means putting myself out there more but sometimes you just gotta put a foot out of that comfort zone and just do it.

I’ve also signed up to skillshare to learn how to make my own WordPress themes as it’s something I’ve always wanted to do plus learning HTML 5. I taught myself HTML back in the day and also somewhat qualified in making websites but have let things slide as it’s so easy to use WordPress and ready-made themes and I like the idea of having videos to help me as I learn by being shown how to do things and no this isn’t an advert but please feel free to use my referral link for 2 free months instead of ONE!

Don’t get me wrong I love this theme I like the style of it but I want it to be more me, I also want to set up a website for selling some photographic prints now I’m not sure that this will be ready for Christmas, I highly doubt it will be as I’m still figuring out what size I want things at but I’ve taken some really good photos via my phone (Which is a pretty decent one and no it’s not an iPhone) on when I went to Denmark this summer and I still haven’t actually sorted many out. I will probably print them by myself instead of using a third-party website. I do actually have a good printer that I’ve had for years but only prints up to A4 size but I doubt anyone needs a photo bigger than that right?

I’m also working on a few other things as well which I’m not going to talk about right now as I need to figure out some things first before going public just in case it doesn’t work which will kinda be annoying but hey if it works I’ll be so freaking happy!

I’m quite excited to get back into being creative online again. It will be interesting to see where this leads!

So there you go!
Until the next time my darlings!


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