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Getting back into photography

Jul 15, 2019 | Photography | 0 comments

I haven’t really been into photography in AGES even though I’m qualified to be somewhat of a photographer. I got into photography in 2000 after being seriously ill with depression and anxiety this was before digital really took over so we did a lot of black and white darkroom stuff it was awesome and I’d recommend anyone who wants to do any kind of photography to actually try some darkroom stuff.

These days even though I do have a digital SLR I use my android phone to do photography with. I currently have a HUAWEI mate pro 10 which is probably one of the best I’ve used for photography. Yes, people who know me KNOW that I tend to buy a phone of how good the camera is more than anything else so who knows what my next phone is going to be. Yes, that makes me kind of a phone snob but it beats having to buy a separate smaller digital camera while going on holiday.

I do use adobe lightroom and VSCO as apps on my phone both have to be paid for if you want to use them to their full potential although I’d recommend Snapseed for a free decent photo editor. What I’m hoping to do is set up my art website after I’ve been on holiday in a few weeks and start selling prints. I like being arty with my work as you can see and when I start making prints any money I make will go back into buying better equipment if anyone buys anything off me.

I will leave you with some pictures I’ve done over the past few weeks
So there you go!
Until the next time my darlings!



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