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See you in a while Twitter

Jun 26, 2019 | Mentally Speaking | 0 comments

I’m currently trying to stay away from Twitter at the moment. I don’t hate it I just know it’s not doing me any good and I need some me time and some self-care. I try to do this every so often but I get sucked back into it but I’m gonna try to take a good few weeks off this time because I feel it has just become a little bit too toxic for me in some ways.

I hate feeling the way I do though. I know it’s probably a few factors in this! The summer heat which we shouldn’t complain about and I’m not as it sure does beat the rain but it doesn’t help me sleep at night and when you have things going around your head yeah it’s not the best recipe for life is it? My head feels like it has a dull ache when I get like this so I’m hoping once I’ve written this I can get to bed early and have a good nights sleep.

This doesn’t mean I’ll never use Twitter again but self-care is important and sometimes I think we forget about that. I’ll still be using Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest and hopefully, be writing on here more. There have been a few days now where I’ve wanted to write posts but honestly couldn’t or I’d start something and be like Nah it’s not right and it may sound odd to you but honestly it’s how my brain works.

One last thing it doesn’t hurt to step away from social media once in a while. You don’t always have to know which “tea” is being spilled or who your all trying to cancel. Step outside once in a while because life goes fast and you’ll miss it if you are not careful.

and no this isn’t anything to be worried about. I’m gonna get through this like I always do hopefully after I’ve posted this to the blog I can get into bed!

So there you go!
Until the next time my darlings!


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