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Lets talk about CBD oil and other things!

Jun 17, 2019 | Mentally Speaking | 0 comments

So I wrote in this post that I was going to try CBD oil and I thought I’d write up about my experience and I’ll be honest it didn’t do anything great for me in fact it made me feel worse off so I stopped taking it as I didn’t want to make myself ill. Now this wasn’t classed as medical it was from a health food shop but hey at least I tried it right?

The thing is though it’s now legal to have medical CBD oil in the UK through the NHS but they want more testing for it? I think this is ridiculous it’s been proven to help a lot of people specially young children who have severe epilepsy . The cynical side of me would say it’s something to do with big pharma and how much money they get from forcing pills down people’s throats unnecessarily but who knows.

To be honest though my mental health has been kind of OK at the moment anyway. I’m slowly loosing weight feeling fitter and just enjoying life a little bit more. I also feel taller not sure if with being more confident I’m not slouching as much or if that’s a weight loss thing but honestly it’s kinda freaking me out a little bit ( I’m 5ft 9 as it is) Not that it’s a bad thing. My whole body is freaking me out and yeah I if I put more effort into exercise I could loose weight more quickly but after years of being fat and unfit I’m kinda happy with the way it’s going.

A few things maybe changing or starting on here! I’m thinking of doing videos for my funko pops that I’ve collected over the past few months! I used to do it on youtube but honestly I’ve kinda gone off youtube a lot even if I use it to watch some of my favourites! I just feel I’ll have more control over things here and yes I do pay to have space to upload videos so hmmmm I better start using it so watch out for that!

So there you go!
Until the next time my darlings!


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