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It’s already been a meh kinda week.

Jun 11, 2019 | Mentally Speaking | 0 comments

I’m sitting here and listening to the rain. It’s hard to think that this time last year it was so hot that the moors just outside of Manchester had combusted into flames. I don’t know if I miss that heat though but we are sure making up for last year with all the rain we seem to be having at the moment.

It’s only Tuesday but I’ve had enough of this week already. I decided to help my dad with website for a not for profit organisation that he’s a director of. Basically they needed cheaper web space etc and I thought I’d help them sort it out and kinda design something for them and yeah EVERYTHING was OK until yesterday which wasn’t the best for me stress wise.

I was lucky that the previous website was based around a WordPress theme so I kind a took that on and made the website on my own domain then export and import it so the downtime would hopefully be minimal. I also had to sort out new hosting and renewing the domain a and everything was fine until my browser wouldn’t access the new website and to cut a long and boring story short it’s apparently my routers fault. I have to thank the lovely people at unlimited web hosting as they helped me all afternoon to figure it out. Wasn’t until I looked at the website on my phone not connected to WiFi that well we figured it out. It was a total *headdeskfacepalm* moments.

I used my phones hotspot to sort the website out and now I’m gonna have to talk to my broadband provider why it’s being a pain in the ass! But it’s so annoying and I don’t understand how a router can do that especially when it’s only this website?! I could have done without this but I did find a way to sort it out and now I’m just taking a few moments / days before getting in touch with my broadband provider as I just hate having to deal with people like that!

I try and avoid unnecessary stress as much as I can as it just hurts my body and when I was first seriously ill with depression and anxiety I also suffered from stress related alopecia which made part of my eye brow fall out. I know some stress is good but honesty this kinda of stress is no friend on mine! Luckily I’m busy tomorrow going to my writing class and have a gossip with my friends so I can try and chill out for the day!


Well that’s my week so far how has yours been?


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