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OK See you May hello June!

May 31, 2019 | Personal | 0 comments

Yes, it’s now nearly the 1st of June and I’m really shit at blogging. But honestly May is one of them months where I don’t feel I have time to blog ( ahem excuses) it’s my birthday then I went to my yearly Marvel fan convention THEN the weekend after that I got to see Hugh Jackman live which was amazing and yes I’ve just been a really happy bunny enjoying my life.

I’ve decided to try and write more during June. I can’t say I have much on this month but there are things that I really want to write about that are important to me and also a few updates on a few things that I’ve written before that I really need to talk about ( mostly the CBD oil, mental health stuff)

Also I’m trying to set up another website for my art and photography work. I have so many canvases that seem to just taking up room and people are constantly threatening to put them in the bin and to be fair I often think that would be the best place for them BUT I really want to upgrade my digital SLR as I really want to get back into photography so maybe selling a few would help and I could do with a new computer as well but one step at a time!

It’s just weird feeling this happy and having a somewhat real direction in life. A part of me is waiting for it do go back downhill again but who knows maybe just maybe this is the start of something good?


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