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Apr 9, 2019 | Personal | 0 comments

So I managed to get tickets for Avengers: Endgame which is out on Thursday 25th of April over here in the UK. Only took me around 3 hours to get them as the cinema’s website kept crashing! but I have to see it in glorious IMAX 3D which makes a nice excuse to go to Manchester. I really wish I could live nearer to Manchester it’s my favourite city in the UK ( and only an hour away from where I live but can’t ever afford to go these days )

Just a little life update. Not going to lie it’s not like I’ve sat down in front of my laptop and not tried to write about things but yes my greatest saboteur, my brain made me feel like I couldn’t post it because my social anxiety hasn’t been at it’s best and I hate saying that, to be honest. Like why do I care so much about people who come visit this nonsense?

I’m also trying to sort my sleep out as it’s driving me nuts! I will admit I do have an addiction to my mobile phone and yes they never help with sleeping so I started to put it the top drawer of my bedside table to stop me from looking at it when I’m trying to stay asleep. I also seem to be having dreams lot at the moment. They aren’t nightmares but they are ones that when I wake up that make me feel like shit. I suppose it’s all anxiety driven. Plus never helps that the birds are so loud they are waking me up at half 5 in the morning! I honestly would just like a decent night sleep.

I’ve decided to take the rest of the week off social media as well. I don’t think it’s helping matters one bit. I also have a few things to do. I said I’d make a website for something my dad helps in. I’m not saying I’m nervous in doing it but yeah I’m putting it off!

I just need to get out of this crappy mindset

Anyway till the next time


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