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Dammit Funko!

Feb 17, 2019 | Collectables, Funko, Pops | 1 comment

So I have a issue and that issue is Funko pops! I’m sure you know what they are even if you don’t collect them as they seem to sell them EVERYWHERE these days

I was hoping not to actually buy many this year and then New York Toy Fair happened ( Which is a industry expo to show off what toys coming out this year) and I’m like why!? I’m such a sucker for these things! I’ll be honest I’m kind of picky when it comes to my collectables though. I mostly buy Marvel stuff and even then I tend to keep it to X-men, Deadpool, Iron Man, Spider-man, Thor and Loki, Rocket and Groot and some Captain America. I also tend to buy characters from TV shows and films that I like

Like I say New York toy fair happened and I don’t think Funko disappointed. You can go visit the funko blog if you want to see what they showed. They seemed to not have any DC stuff ( although they have just released the Shazam! pops) and yes there was no Avengers: Endgame which personally I’m happy for! Funko and other toy companies spoil films all to much at times! Give it a till Captain Marvel is out and things will start coming out for Endgame I’m sure (and we need another trailer!)

What I’d like to collect

Dark Phoenix Funko Pop

The whole point of this post was to show you what I want to get from what was shown at the NY toy fair. I’ve already pre ordered one the Dark phoenix pop. My x-men collection is my most beloved one so I like to keep up to date and no I don’t have EVERY X-men pop! Some of the older ones are WAY out of my price range and yes I’m looking forward to the movie that’s coming out this year which may be the last Fox X-men movie!

Spider-Man far from Home Pops out April

The other Marvel pops that got me excited was the Spider-men far from home ones because there’s a HAPPY one! Now I’m such a stan of Tony Stark and one of my OTPs is Pepperony (the other being Spiderpool) and so you gotta have Happy as part of the family right? Yes it’s silly but I’m hoping we get a Pepper pop from Avengers: Endgame or just in general! (Hello Funko are you reading me?) According to the Funko blog these should be out April!

KISS funko pop Coming Soon!

What you didn’t think I’d be a KISS fan? Well I am kinda. I went to see them live when they were doing their European Sonic Boom tour in 2010 and loved it. They are doing their final tour this year not that I can afford to go again! But I’m glad they have done some new pops! If I could only get one though it would have to be Gene right! I mean that’s one pretty awesome pop!

Community Pops Coming Soon!!!!!!!!

Last but but by no means least COMMUNITY finally gets some pops! Most people got excited by the US Office getting pops but this is what floats my boat! I’m so glad that they have gone with Abed and Troy in the Morning style! (Of course these images are only concept art they could change) and there’s no Piers?! If you have never seen this show then you are missing out. In the UK it’s currently on All 4 as a box set and yes I need to sit my ass down and binge watch it.

Well that’s it for things that I have an eye on to buy over the next year! I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out with Avengers: Endgame as well so I wouldn’t really say if getting most of these are actuality but we will see.

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  1. SimonG

    My last key-chain was a throwing star, that I accidentally sat on :)). Luckily not while I was driving. Where do you get these? They look like something you would find in a cereal.


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